Working With Defiance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

For a while, Caleb and I have been doing some work with a couple of really awesome guys who have a BJJ team here in Tacoma - Defiance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It just happened to be a fun coincidence that we all live within like four blocks of one another. I helped with some Instagram growth and strategizing, and Caleb has been helping with Google Ads. They have some really great content with videos from Mike Baltierra Photo and as they’ve grown, it’s been so cool to see how much people are enjoying their team’s vibe.

About the Coaches Defiance BJJ on Facebook

Defiance Brazilian Jiu Jitzu - Sarah Gray, Tacoma WA

Last week, they came over and we recorded a podcast-style interview with Stu and Jesse, where they answered some questions about how they got involved with BJJ, what some benefits of BJJ are, and why their team is different than some other ones in Tacoma. Stay tuned for the release!