Sarah's Loved Apps, Vol. 1

It’s no secret by now that I am a huge nerd for resources. I guess I recognized a long time ago that I’d never be able to 100% contain all the knowledge or ability I would one day need, so I adapted by being able to search, find, and hoard web apps and other tools to help me get things done.

A lot of these tools that I use and/or love are free or inexpensive, and they are able to be free because people use them, share them, and support them. So here are a few that I’ve been enjoying lately!

Sarah's Loved Apps, Vol. 1

Qwilr Document Generator

Automatically generate a pack of personalized proposals, case studies, invoices, and brochures for your growing business in minutes. Answer a few questions, and your documents will be tailored to your business and brand. Free to edit, style, download, and share.

Sarah's Loved Apps, Volume One - FakeClients


When you’re stalled and looking for some inspiration for practice design, FakeClients can help you get started.

Sarah's Loved Apps - Vol. 1 - ConceptNet


ConceptNet is a freely-available semantic network, designed to help computers understand the meanings of words that people use.

ConceptNet originated from the crowdsourcing project Open Mind Common Sense, which was launched in 1999 at the MIT Media Lab. It has since grown to include knowledge from other crowdsourced resources, expert-created resources, and games with a purpose.

Sarah's Loved Apps, Vol. 1 - SocialBakers

Social Bakers

Build a better picture of who your marketing personas are. Organize their interests, affinities, and motivations in one document so you can easily position your business to provide the value they’re looking for.

This website also has Influencer search tools, Hashtag research, Social Media Benchmarking, Analytics, and Content Inspiration tools.

Sarah's Loved Apps, Vol. 1 - Help A Stranger Out

Help A Stranger Out

These days, there are a lot of tools that help you keep track of productivity - ensuring that you have all the ability in the world to get as much done as possible. I find myself getting a little bit overwhelmed with the ‘to-do’ lists of the day to day, so when I found another tool that, instead of work, throws simple acts of kindness into a platform that helps you feel productive, I maybe did a little scream.


That’s it for this installment! Let me know what you think of these resources in the comments below.

Have you found any fun or life-changing resources lately? Let us know about them in the comments!

Art on the Ave

Art on the Ave, according to the website of 6th Ave Business District’s website, is “an annual music and art festival hosted by the 6th Ave Business District, Tacoma WA’s Most Eclectic District, along 6th Avenue from State St. to Alder. In its 19th year and attracting thousands of patrons, it is Tacoma’s largest arts-based yearly event.”

My new camera arrived the day before the event, so I was stoked at the timing that allowed me to have a new rig for the coolest art fair in Tacoma.

Fortunately for A on the A, it was PACKED. Unfortunately for me, the sun and crowds were a bit overwhelming, so I only managed to snap a few photos. Here are my faves.


Annual Company Day At The Rainiers

Most of you know that I work at a Tacoma accounting firm, The Doty Group. Throughout the year, there are awesome opportunities for us to get together and take some time to enjoy our team. Today was one of the favorites: Family Day at a Rainiers game. Complete with a face painter and balloon artist, we attend a day game and enjoy an afternoon BBQ. Though today’s game was off to a bit of a slow start, the R’s finished strong with a Home Run and a W!

Of course, I stayed pretty busy chatting today, but managed to grab a few snapshots before it was over.

Celebrating A Power Couple

Last November, I used a social networking app to start making some lady friends in the area. If you’re familiar with the path in my life, you know that it has involved a lot of moving around. I’ve always managed to make lasting friendships everywhere I’ve lived, but as I got busier with work, I was finding it harder to know exactly what to do to find people interested in the same things as me (without having to pour a lot of energy into activities that I wasn’t sure I’d love). A lot about self-care is making sure that the energy that you are spending on your environment is nurturing and worth your while.

This is how I became friends with Kate, and I am so thankful that I did! A fellow transplant to the PNW from the Midwest, she is also in the Professional Services industry. There’s a lot to making new friends that can be incredibly difficult to read or hard to deal with, but we instantly hit it off.

She recently celebrated marrying her partner in crime, Luke, and the details - down to the silliness in their vows - were so sweet and reflective of their partnership. I felt honored to be able to capture some of the spirit of their day!

Congratulations to this awesome couple & their families.

Working With Defiance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

For a while, Caleb and I have been doing some work with a couple of really awesome guys who have a BJJ team here in Tacoma - Defiance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It just happened to be a fun coincidence that we all live within like four blocks of one another. I helped with some Instagram growth and strategizing, and Caleb has been helping with Google Ads. They have some really great content with videos from Mike Baltierra Photo and as they’ve grown, it’s been so cool to see how much people are enjoying their team’s vibe.

About the Coaches Defiance BJJ on Facebook

Defiance Brazilian Jiu Jitzu - Sarah Gray, Tacoma WA

Last week, they came over and we recorded a podcast-style interview with Stu and Jesse, where they answered some questions about how they got involved with BJJ, what some benefits of BJJ are, and why their team is different than some other ones in Tacoma. Stay tuned for the release!